The Translucent House is an experimental dwelling prototype developed by the architect Alfons Soldevila between 1995 and 2002 at the School of Architecture of Barcelona.
The images registry of The Translucent House displays the building process as much as the excepcional features of luminosity, transparency and flexibility conditioning the behaviour of its inhabitants. These features generate a set of theoretical writings around concepts as translucence and experimentation, and, at the same time, they offer a unique opportunity to invent singular objects in order to resolve specific requests of habitability.

Datanoise is an experimental browser interface developed specifically for The Translucent House by Catarina Simão and Lupe Escoto, in collaboration with Pancho Tolchinsky and Álex Posada.
An experimentation with the medium allowed to create access to the information through a ludic and random process corrupting the website contents. At the same time, it reveals noise as a document and space representation of The Translucent House.

Versión española aquí.