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Audiovisual Competition reform of the Church of Mercy in Vic. Dynamic Scenic Roof SED "Sostre Escčnic Dinŕmic".

                    r. n. Technical Office. Goikoa Palace (San Sebastián)


AUTHORS Carlos Tejada, Tomá Morató, Jaume Arderiu.
CLIENT San Sebastián Municipality
LOCALIZATION Ijentea nş7 St. - San Sebastián
SURFACE 4405 m2.

The proposal permits to introduce 2.735m2 of useful surface over ground level line in a building that actually has 1.540m2.

It tries to respect the volume existing, creating two vertical nuclei in the building: one that concentrates elevators, stairs and an inner courtyard for ventilation and another that includes installations and vertical services.

The first one divides the space asymmetrically creating spaces of different dimensions that help to shelter the areas of the functional program: departments of town planning, projects, works, mobility, environment, maintenance, public highways, etc. The second creates a strip of parallel services to the northern facade liberating the remaining space of the plan.

The general installations will be located in basement plan, liberating the rooftop glass cover that act as sheet of water under the skylight.

The facades are maintained in their totality, while windows act as open holes in the western façade that reaches the floor, supplying a greater entrance of light into the first basement plan. This respectful approach materializes the proposal that consists of an ensemble of subtle and discreet "surgical" interventions, nevertheless contemporaneous.

New peripheral vertical spaces at several heights are proposed. While respecting the configuration of the existing openings in the facades they permit private internal circulations in the building.