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     r. House in Gainduxer. BCN.
     r. Serres House (Barcelona)
     r. Padovan House (Barcelona)
     r. Moliner House (Barcelona)
     r. House by Talayot??. Menorca.
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     n. Single family house. BCN.
     n. “Camagüey” Building (Barcelona)


                    r. House in Gainduxer. BCN.


AUTHORS Carlos Tejada
CLIENT Alberto Gascón Bedia
LOCALIZATION Ramón Miquel I Planas, 23 ESC A 04-2ª - Barcelona
SURFACE 80 m2.

The property is located within a multifamily building between party, evolving into a plant.

The proposal seeks the greatest possible freedom of space for this purpose are brought down the walls dividing the kitchen and desk area, integrating kitchen and desk in an open space. The kitchen has a bar that limits be virtually the kitchen.

The floor is cherry board is the same as those used in furniture - dining room. The decorative border has two functions, diffuse lighting as well as conceal the projection screen.